Taser Torch, Self Defence Taser, Powerful Car/Women Safety 2-in-1 Taser/Baton (Stun Gun + Led Flashlight), Rechargeable Torch, 1101 Type
Self Defence Torch
Rs. 450.0000 In Stock

  • Use enclosed charger input to 220V power, and out-plug input to the stun gun, the indicator will be on. Be sure to fully charge the unit for 12 hours before the first use to maximize battery life. Push toggle switch up for the lighting, the toggle switch is pushed down to the bottom, pressing the electric switch, you can use electric shock.
  • Excellent Self-Defence Tool for Women
  • 1101 Type Self Defence Powerful Car/Women Safety 2-in-1 Taser (Stun Gun + Led Flashlight) Rechargeable

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