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Binoculars are the one instrument everyone with an interest in astronomy owns, or should own. Even avid amateurs will have at least on pair of binocular at the ready. They know that binoculars provide something no telescope can- a wonderful wide field of view that requires no more afford to use than simply lifting them to the eyes.
Binocular can be the ideal 'low cost' entry to Astronomy. Advanced amateurs and professionals use them as an auxiliary instrument for comet seeking, where wide field and relative low power is necessary. In fact binocular provides unexcelled views of the objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way, Star fields –the nebula-rich regions of Sagittarius, the Pleiades star cluster and galaxies and of course - Lunar eclipse. The list is long enough that you never outgrow the need for binoculars.
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